Nephrology at Home

Nephrologist at Home is a unique service which allows patients who normally are unable to access specialized nephrology care, to be seen at their residence without the hassle and excessive cost of transportation to our offices.

This service is offered to patients residing in extended care facilities for the evaluation of resistant hypertension, electrolyte/fluid disorders, and chronic or acute kidney disease. We believe it greatly benefits individual nursing homes by allowing them to offer a broader range of medical services to their patients while reducing their financial burden.

Hypertension Nephrology Associates will coordinate with your facility to determine a mutually agreeable day of the month upon which all patients requiring nephrology consultation or follow-up may be seen. If you feel that our service would benefit your facility, or if you would like further information, please contact us at (248) 478-1500. As always, we are committed to providing your patients timely and quality care.