Vascular Care

At the request of their nephrologist, a patient will consult a vascular surgeon at certain stages of renal disease. During this consultation, the vascular surgeon will evaluate the patient’s circulatory (aka vascular) system, looking for the healthiest, and most efficient method to prepare the patient’s physical body for receiving dialysis. Once a decision is made, the patient will undergo a simple procedure in which an “access” is created.

The access will require basic maintenance, which can occur at the hospital, outpatient access, or surgery centers. This is necessary to ensure the patient can receive dialysis treatments once the kidneys are no longer capable of processing the body’s blood on their own.

Hypertension Nephrology Associates work directly with vascular surgeons and interventional physicians, including radiologists and nephrologists, to coordinate this care. It is extremely important the patient keep all of their appointments with these providers and facilities in order to avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

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Dialysis Access:



Thrombectomy (declot)

Catheter placements, removals and exchanges

Vessel mapping for optimal access placement

Fistula maturation and repair

Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.):

Ankle-brachial index (ABI) testing



Stent placement



IVC filter placement